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Transport dependability is essential for sips kits. On a deadline, it is crucial to deliver. Even if the situation warrants towing huge wagons from artics, there is a flatbed wagon with Moffetts on what's called the "twelve rail" on the back.

SIPs Panels

Make it easy to buy a sips kit; that is our goal. The building can be built in any fashion that you need it, and we are capable of doing it. SIPS drawings, along with structural calculations, are offered among other things.

Self-build Sips kits

Those trying to buy a home extension SIPS KIT should forward their enquiries to or call 0800 920 2838. We will provide the best service to ensure a smooth journey.

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Structural insulated panels builds are known as SIPS or SIPS Extension Kits. They are known for their low maintenance, straightforwardness, and efficiency in the construction of a home extension, annexe, garden room and any other living space you might need, most likely for detached garden constructions. It can be purchased in panels but we don’t sell them in panels separately. We only sell Complete Sips Extension Kits. PRO SIPS is a manufacturing and installation business for more than 25 years. The panels you get with the sips kits can be self-built ideally or you could us ask our professional help. The build can’t be matched, and it is beyond high-speed ability. A watertight superstructure can be built in a couple of days.
We manufacture top quality SIPs of different versions, which can fit your needs for quick construction. Our sips kits are super easy to install on your own and can be ordered in the required size of your need through a few simple steps.

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